Marathon Foam

High quality standard polyurethane foam is ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Suitable for all types of furniture including, window seats, caravan and boat squabs, seat cushions, seat backs and arms, and mattresses. Our most popular and cost effective product.




Dunlop Elephant foams are luxury cushion foams providing long lasting comfort and support backed by a ten year guarantee for new domestic furniture. Elephant foams set the standard for luxury cushion foam performance.

Elephant foams have higher densities (33kg/m3 to 41kg/m3) for premium quality and improved performance over a longer life. They have superior comfort levels with softer initial feel, combined with deep down support. They also have excellent resistance to fatigue loss.

Elephant foams are treated during manufacture with Ultra-Fresh. Laboratory tests show that foams incorporating Ultra-Fresh provide effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi, promoting a lasting hygienic freshness.




Dunlop Enduro is a range of premium quality fire retardant foams that ensures a superb level of comfort and support. It has an exceptional ability to bounce back, even after constant use.

Enduro has exceptional fire retardant properties and is Ultra-Fresh treated. Laboratory tests show that foams incorporating Ultra-Fresh provide effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi, promoting a lasting hygienic freshness.

Meets flame retardant standard BS5852:Source 5. It is guaranteed for fifteen years in domestic use.





EcoBond reconstituted polyurethane foam has a broad range of applications. Suitable for bar stools, motor bike seats, motor vehicle seats, additional support in critical areas of seating, gym mats, tackle bags and similar applications. EcoBond is manufactured using recycled foam.




Memory foam has an open cell structure that reacts to weight by moulding to your body. The tighter the cell structure, the less airflow through the foam. The cell structure has little to do with the slower or faster recovery.

It is often seen as a good compromise between the comfort of a soft foam and the hardness of a firm one. Memory foam is usually denser than other foam options. This makes it supportive but also heavier.





Specialty polyurethane foam is a very firm product suitable for use in motor bike seats, packaging, and other heavy duty applications.





Reticulated polyurethane foam is suitable for use in outdoor furniture cushioning applications where self draining and quick drying is a requirement. This product is suitable for wet areas in boats and outdoor furniture, or industrial situations as a filter medium. Reticulated foam dries quickly after exposure to moisture. Large, open pores allow maximum water drainage and air circulation. Reticulated foam cushioning offers long lasting wear and comfort, combined with extremely fast drying properties. Reticulated foam can be cut and laminated the same as conventional foam.




A unique dimple profile which projects an increased surface area for a given space. Aesthetically and technically superior to flat cut sheets for acoustic applications, offering improved absorption of sound waves. The convoluted surface causes sound waves to reflect, weaken and reduce noise transmission. Light grey colour only.





Whether you need to protect a moderately heavy piece of equipment, or a delicate component, the physical performance of polyurethane foam can meet most packaging needs. Polyurethane foam can absorb impacts efficiently and recover its physical shape quickly, and repeatedly, and is suitable for packaging items within a wide range of weights and sizes. Foam Distributors is able to cut foam to specified dimensions. We can also cut intricate smaller pieces by use of clicking presses. Minimum quantities may apply in some instances. Demand for recyclable packaging is increasing. Recovered scrap polyurethane foam is shredded and used in the manufacture of EcoBond foam.




Ergofill is a revolutionary seat and back cushion fill utilising specially cut foam mixed 50/50 with siliconised polyester fibre to give a feather and down look but with a much higher level of resilience and comfort.



Web backed

WebBacked foam comes in 10mm thick rolls with a web back attached. This is perfect for car trimmers, upholsterers, and furniture manufacturers.




Latex Rubber is a 100% natural product, produced from a carefully managed and renewable resource. Latex Rubber is exceptionally durable and highly resilient, is non toxic, contains no chemicals and is environmentally safe. Latex Foam Rubber is also proven to be non allergenic, antibacterial and dust free. 

Dunlop Latex comprises a network of ultra micro cellular structures distributed across the entire area, made possible by using the latest micro technology. This attribute further promotes natural breathing, gives good initial contact feel and longer product durability.

Latex Rubber is available in sheets; 2030mm x 1530mm and 2030mm x 1670mm. Thicknesses available are 25mm, 50mm and 75mm.



Bonded polyester fibre wadding is manufactured in different weights measured in grams per square metre. Polyester fibre is used in the furniture and upholstery industry as a wrap around foam cushions, to give extra softness and a more rounded appearance. It also ensures that the foam won't wear against the back of the fabric. The raw materials from which polyester fibres are made have to be manufactured, thus polyester fibres are man made synthetic fibres.
This fibre is polymerized from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid or dimenthylterephthalate which produces polymer chips which are then melted and pumped through a spinaret and then congulated into a fibre.



Vilok has many uses in the furniture, upholstery and motor vehicle trimming industries. Uses include padding for vehicle door panels and linings, a wrap on furniture frames, a fine layer over a firm foam, (motorcycle seat), and many other applications that require a thin layer of softening material.

This extremely versatile product is manufactured from a blend of polyester fibres and melt bonded, after needling, to a thin matting.



This closed cell chemically cross-linked foam is manufactured from ethyl-vinyl-acetate copolymers (EVA). The fine cell structure gives minimal water absorption, a high buoyancy rating and excellent chemical resistance. EVA is produced in moulded bun form and then trimmed to size and thickness.     

EVA is both water resistant and very light and has many uses. Used widely in the Marine and Automotive industries - for use where a waterproof cushioning or firm foam is required; Packaging – case inserts, presentation box inserts, cushion and display packaging; Recreational – camping, gym mats, helmet liners, general padding - protection, kayak seats; Model making – used extensively in model making for films and TV commercials; Wearable art creations.  

EVA45 is available in sheets, 1m x 2m, and thicknesses of 5mm, 10mm, 20mm & 25mm, in Black.




Sabre Grip S20 has been developed to provide very fast tack times for all upholstery and foam contact bonding situations.

It is designed to give a long open time and high tack level with good strength for general bond applications. Available in a 500ml canister.

Features are : Very good tack, good room temperature contact bonds, good strength and high heat resistance, good bond adhesion to a variety of materials, fast drying with long open times, 3 adjustable spray settings, spray is clear.