Monday, April 2, 2018

Now that the financial year has ended it’s a busy time sorting out accounts and stock etc. It can be exciting times looking for vital documents needed for accountants! However, business goes on.

This month is some info about 4mm thick Peeled Foam. Hard to get excited about foam I know, but this really is a very useful thickness. 

28-170, 4mm thick, Peeled Foam is an excellent product for use where a firm but thin padding is required. It is called Peeled Foam because of the way the thickness is cut. Rather than sliced on a horizontal cutter as our other sheets, to maintain an accurate cut, this is peeled on a roll using very advanced computerised cutting equipment. 

Ideal for use in motor trimming - door panels, covering visors and dash board panels, office partitions, case and presentation folder liners, costume designs etc. This product is also used for packaging.

28-170 is available in a thickness of 4mm, 1850mm wide and is sold by the metre. Available ex stock.