Marathon Foam Grade Changes

Thursday, January 24, 2013

There have been some changes to a few Marathon grades of foam. Just a bit of fine tuning to better represent this range.

28-160 (White) is now being made to the spec of 28-170. There will be no noticeable difference.

23-125 (Pink) has been discontinued. The replacement grade is now 28-130 (Green). This is a higher density foam, therefore better quality. It is slightly firmer at 130 hardness as opposed to 125.

28-120 (Green) has been replaced with a slightly softer grade, 28-110 (Fawn). A marginal difference, but enables use of a softer grade of foam at a very good density.

To sum up the changes really are minimal. A higher density for the medium grade to make it the same quality as the firm and soft Marathon options, a slightly softer grade though still at a high density and the colour changes.

We are able to advise on suitable foam grades for a required application and can discuss these changes if necessary.

We have these grades available from stock in a selection of thicknesses.