Latex Rubber

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We are now able to supply Latex Foam Rubber. This is a 100% natural product, produced from a carefully managed and renewable resource. As demand has increased so has the reforestation of rubber plantations. The Latex is tapped from trees and is collected in small cups for processing.

Latex Foam Rubber is exceptionally durable and highly resilient, is non toxic, contains no chemicals and is environmentally safe. Latex Foam Rubber is also proven to be non allergenic, antibacterial and dust free. 

Dunlop Latex comprises a network of ultra micro cellular structures distributed across the entire area, made possible by using the latest micro technology. This attribute further promotes natural breathing, gives good initial contact feel and longer product durability.

We have Latex Foam Rubber available in sheets, 2030mm x 1530mm and 2030mm x 1670mm. Thicknesses available are 25mm, 50mm and 75mm.