Foam uses

Friday, March 9, 2018

Flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) is one of the most versatile materials ever created. It is used in hundreds of consumer products to provide comfort, support, safety and durability.

It is the cushioning material of choice in upholstered furniture. FPF is the material used for car and truck seats, head rests, armrests, roof liners. As a packaging material it protects delicate objects - Polyurethane packaging foam can provide cost-effective, form-fitting cushioning that uniquely and securely protects items that need to stay safely in place during transit. In music studios for soundproofing, the film industry for costume and model making, the footwear industry for the cushioning properties. It’s used as landing mats for gymnasts and in marshal arts. In the building industry around the boxing when concrete is being poured and to clear pipes on concrete pumps. These are just a few examples of uses of this very versatile material.

FPF is all around us in our daily lives, in our homes, vehicles, schools and businesses. Contact us for all the info you will ever need on this amazing product.

FPF is a recyclable product.