Foam Quality

Thursday, November 1, 2018

There is a lot of confusion regarding the different grades and qualities of Flexible Polyurethane Foam.

The difference between Density and Hardness is mentioned on other pages in this web site, however the importance of Density is crucial to the quality and therefore the end performance of the foam.

In many instances the quality of foam is being compromised to enable a supposed more cost effective selling price. Usually what happens, after little use because the foam is of a low density, is it collapses and becomes almost useless. This is typical in many seating situations and can be found in foam used in some low end imported furniture.

Though the foam may feel hard it may still be a very low density. The weight of the foam is generally a good indicator as to its quality and therefore its suitability for the intended use. Low density foams are quite suitable in some applications, though not for use as seating.

It is therefore crucial to ensure a suitable density of foam is supplied for the intended use. This may be a soft foam, but with a high density. The Marathon range of foam is suitable for most furniture applications.

Unlike some foam available, Dunlop foam is New Zealand made. Apart from the obvious benefits of supporting a local foam manufacturer, this product is made to extremely high standards, and is regularly monitored during the manufacturing process to maintain quality.