20 Years

Friday, June 1, 2012

20 years! 20 years since Kerry and I established Foam Distributors Ltd. Time really does fly! Through a very loyal clientele we have really enjoyed growing this business. What a journey.

Technology changes over the years have been gradual but very effective. The fax machine sits almost idle, instead we receive email orders. Phone is still preferred by most, and we enjoy the personal contact. Mobile phone means communication can be maintained at any time. Our web site is a major source of new business. We are also able to email invoices and statements, a very efficient process and a great saving in time.  

There have been a few changes in the manufacturing process of foam. The most significant has been technology. Computerised foam plants have enabled the manufacturing of foam to become really reliable, being able to carefully monitor each production run for consistency. The other major change has been in the coding of the different foam grades. From letters that didn’t mean a lot, to numbers that relate to the grades density and hardness (Our web site explains this)  

The other changes have been my grey hair and the possibility of a wrinkle or 2! Kerry dyes her hair, but the lines…(I blame the kids, Kerry blames me).